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Four big reasons why plumbing is so important

Pipe valve failure

Plumbing is the unsung hero of modern society. We often take it for granted and avoid discussing it until something goes wrong. If you were to ask someone, ‘why is plumbing important?’ you may get a simple answer about running water. After all, plumbing is essential for everyday tasks like drinking cooking, bathing, cleaning and efficiently disposing of waste. But there are greater benefits available from effective, high-quality plumbing that are just as important to your lifestyle.

Why is plumbing important? It’s more than just access to water

Good plumbing is more than a working tap. It’s important for health, hygiene, and environmental sustainability. Here are four major aspects of plumbing, and why it’s a vital part of our lives.

1. Healthy water, people and properties

Modern plumbing provides an important path for treated, healthy water to flow through our homes and businesses and out of our faucets. When pipes are dirty, damaged or poorly designed, they can affect the water that we consume, which can have serious impacts on our health.

For example, when pipes are faulty or improperly installed, they can affect the flow and circulation of water. This could lead to stagnant water that generates biofilms within the pipe, along with the growth of harmful pathogens. Water can also accumulate toxins when chemicals leach from metallic or plastic pipes that have been left uncirculated for an extended period.

Human health isn’t the only thing impacted by poor plumbing. Pipes that are cracked or poorly installed can cause water to leak under floors, behind walls or into the ground. For example, when unchecked or excessive levels of water seep into the ground, it can impact your home’s foundations and structural integrity, putting you in danger. Water trapped behind walls can also cause rot and mould, and can often be missed until the issue becomes too big and costly to ignore.

Good plumbing…

Can achieve a healthy flow of water that is safe to use and consume. A reliable plumber can repair damaged assets and make sure your pipes are installed correctly from the start, preventing faults and ensuring the most efficient pathway for water to travel. 

2. Sanitation

Plumbing systems don’t just deliver water – they’re also essential for removing waste. Drainage systems in plumbing are designed with important elements like vents, traps and clean-outs to remove wastewater and sewage from our homes safely. Without effective plumbing, accumulated waste could lead to unsanitary conditions and cause harmful bacteria and diseases to grow.

Good plumbing…

Encourages public health and prevents the spread of illnesses. A plumber can ensure your system is working correctly and help prevent obstructions or faults from impacting your lifestyle.

3. Sustainability 

As environmental concerns become more pressing, responsible plumbing practices are increasingly vital for sustainability. Leaking pipes can contribute to water waste, and faulty systems can lead to weak pressure that may force you to leave the tap on longer than you need.

Good plumbing…

Contributes to water conservation. By preventing leaks, using water-saving fixtures, and promoting responsible water usage, plumbing plays a role in safeguarding one of our most precious resources.

4. Water costs

Excessive water consumption as a result of faulty plumbing is not just harmful to the environment. As we’ve discussed in a previous article, leaking taps, damaged pipes or aging seals and valves can lead to lost water that you still need to pay for. A fast-dripping tap, for example, can waste more than 70L of water a day, and if it’s a hot tap it could cost more than $220 a year.

Good plumbing…

Prevents water loss that causes high utility bills. An experienced plumber can not only help you repair leaks and dripping taps when they occur, but can provide long-term solutions that minimise the likelihood of water waste and help keep your bills in check.

Trust us with your important plumbing 

Plumbing plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy and comfortable living environment. Regular maintenance and prompt repairs by skilled plumbers help prevent costly damage, ensuring the longevity of your home or property. 

That’s where Allen Plumbing & Gas comes in. Our team of certified Master Plumbers, Master Gasfitters and Master Drainlayers love what they do and understand the importance of good plumbing. They provide solutions that address both immediate and long-term problems so you can feel assured your system is doing exactly what it’s supposed to. Get in touch today.