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Why different types of plumbing repairs need the right specialist

Why different types of plumbing repairs need the right specialist

When your property has a plumbing issue, it’s natural to simply look up ‘plumber’ for the closest professional in your area. However, there are a wide variety of issues that might affect your property that require different types of plumbing repairs. The plumbing industry is filled with specialists who are trained and equipped to take on certain jobs and complete them in the most efficient and cost-effective way.  

It’s important to know that while every specialist is a plumber, not every plumber is a specialist, and fixing particular plumbing issues can be stressful, time consuming and costly without the right expertise on your side.

Understanding specialised plumbing

Plumbers are trained to install and repair pipes, fixtures and appliances in residential and commercial buildings. However, specialists cover more specific and complex types of plumbing repairs and installations. Specialists may include more experienced plumbers, gas fitters or drainlayers; professionals who take on additional training or certifications to gain the knowledge and skills needed to use tools and complete certain tasks.

Specialist skills may include the ability to use high pressure jetting machines, diggers and specialised cameras when fixing or installing drainage. They may also be qualified to repair or replace parts in appliances, rather than just the ability to install them. They typically have the right tools and equipment for specific jobs. For example, consider a cracked drain that has been infiltrated by roots and no longer has suitable water flow. A specialist will not just dig up the affected area, remove the roots and call it a day. They will provide a CCTV survey of the site, identify the source of the problem, and not only address the immediate issue but provide an effective solution that prevents it from happening again. 

What happens if you don’t choose specialised plumbing?

Non-specialised plumbers are still capable professionals, but without knowledge on specific plumbing problems they may cause bigger issues in the long run. If you engage with a plumber who may not have the experience you need, they could spend too much time trying to figure out the problem only to discover they don’t have a solution, leaving you with a large bill and no result. In extreme cases, they may try repairs only to make it worse, forcing you to pay extra to solve their mistakes on top of your original problem.

How to secure a specialised plumber 

Securing a specialist takes some simple research and a few questions. Firstly, it is recommended you start by searching for local certified plumbers in your area. This includes registered master plumbers, gasfitters and drainlayers. You can then get a sense of their credibility by checking their website to see how long they have been in business, how many staff they have, and whether or not they have a dedicated customer service or admin team. It is also important to see if they provide information on the tools or processes they use.

When contacting a plumber, here are some things to consider:

  • Explain your problem with as much clarity and detail as possible, and then confirm that the issue is something they are capable, equipped, and most importantly qualified for. 
  • Ask how they would typically approach a plumbing issue like yours. This might give you an indication of their approach and level of expertise. For example, if the plumber says that a blocked drain only needs to be unclogged with a plunging rod, they may not have the know-how to find the real cause or the equipment to make suitable repairs.
  • Don’t be afraid to be upfront! Ask them about their specialty, or whether or not they have one. 

Allen Plumbing & Gas is your solution for specialised plumbing and drainage

When plumbing issues require specialised solutions, Allen Plumbing & Gas is there. Our team is made up of highly trained and registered Master Plumbers, Master Gasfitters and Master Drainlayers. We have the tools, training and experience to provide efficient, cost effective and long-term solutions for complex problems. We also have the right equipment for any job, and can repair and replace plumbing and gas accessories rather than simply installing or removing them. We also know that as homes, infrastructure and technology evolve, so should we, and therefore invest in state-of-the-art plant and equipment as well as ongoing training and upskilling.