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New gas standards for installers in New Zealand 

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Gas standards exist to keep people like you safe. So, when regulations change, gas-fitting professionals like us need to know what they are. That way, we can keep your infrastructure compliant with regulations and act in your best interest. 

AS/NZS 5601 includes important guidelines and standards for any gasfitter and has undergone a significant update for the first time in years. We pride ourselves on our high-quality work here at Allen Plumbing & Gas, so we were quick to ensure we understood these changes front to back.  

We wanted to outline these for you here so you can understand the standard of gas work you should expect when you enlist someone to assist with your gas fitting needs.  

What is AS/NZS 5601? 

AS/NZS 5601 is the standard for the installation of gas appliances and systems across Australia and New Zealand. It outlines requirements for the design, installation, and maintenance of anything related to natural gas, LP gas, or biogas. This includes pipework, applications, and ventilation. 

It aims to ensure any and all gas installations are safe, efficient, and protective of people and property. Any changes are made to these standards to enhance safety, as well as reflect changes in technology and best practices. It is our responsibility as professionals to adapt our approaches according to these updates, which we always ensure we are doing to a high standard.  

What are the changes to New Zealand gas fitting standards? 

Residential regulations  

These regulations refer to any gas work completed on a property that serves as a residential building. Whether it be a townhome, house, or apartment, the expectation is the same. Here are the new requirements under AS/NZS 5601: 

  • Rangehoods and downward-facing combustible surfaces above gas burners must have a minimum clearance of 650mm. 
  • Replacements of existing rangehoods and downward-facing combustibles can have a minimum clearance of 600mm.
  • Gas appliance flues can no longer expel gas within a roof space, regardless of the roof type. 
  • Requirements for relocating flue terminations under a covered area or balcony recess have also changed. 

Commercial regulations  

These changes refer to gas work conducted on any industrial or commercial property. Some of the new requirements under AS/NZS 5601 include:

  • Restrictions on the use of semi-rigid connections for catering equipment. 
  • The need for combustible surface protection adjacent to commercial catering equipment. 
  • Hose assemblies are no longer attached to free standing commercial catering equipment via a hose assembly to a connection point under the equipment. 
  • Additional protections for high-level connections to free standing commercial catering equipment. 
  • Isolation valves are required if more than one commercial catering appliance is to be installed. 
  • Installations at educational institutions must be isolated.
  • More detailed information surrounding the effect of altitude on supply pressure for high-rise buildings. 

Universal regulations  

The following regulations are not specific to any one type of building and are universal across all dwellings, businesses, and industrial sites:

  • Brazing and hot pipe work is now prohibited within 1.0m of a non-metallic component.
  • Gas fitters can no longer install multi-layer pipes above ground. 
  • Emergency isolation is compulsory for any multi-layer pipe installation. 
  • There is a new definition of a required fire safety system.
  • Gas fitters must consult the technical regulator in your State or Territory before commencing any ‘hot-tapping’ work.

Allen Plumbing & Gas is your go-to for compliance with new gas standards

If you need gas work done, you deserve peace of mind knowing everything is being completed to an acceptable standard. Not only will this keep you safer, it will save you the cost of getting the work redone in the event it doesn’t comply with regulations. At Allen Plumbing & Gas, we pride ourselves on understanding our obligations and performing all work to an exceptional standard. So, talk to us about your gas fitting needs.