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How to find a reliable, affordable plumber

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It can be challenging to find the perfect plumber. There are wide varieties of specialities, price points and services to wade through before finding a solution that suits your needs. The wealth of choice often leads people to settle for whoever they see first on Google. But while that might seem convenient, it doesn’t always lead to the most reliable or affordable option. Fortunately, there are some handy tips you can use to not only find an affordable plumber, but the perfect professional for the job.

Remember – not all plumbers can perform all jobs  

Most don’t know that not all plumbers have the equipment and skillsets needed to complete all jobs. For example, they may be lacking the specialist tools needed to clear out a major blockage, or the knowledge required to deal with tree root intrusion. 

In these circumstances, plumbers without the proper tools or know-how will often need to call in someone else to do the job. Not only does this force you to pay for both of their time and increase your labour costs, but it also extends the timeline of the project. 

In other situations, smaller plumbing firms eager for business will claim they can do any job but actually lack experience or resources. To avoid losing business they may take on a project despite their limitations, resulting in a less than stellar job. This inevitably leads you to try again, and paying more to get the result you wanted in the first place. Worse still is if you need someone to repair new or exacerbated problems caused by the first plumber.

Tips for choosing the right plumber 

So, what do you need to do to find a good local plumber you can trust? Doing a bit of extra research and enquiry at the start can save you from extra drama down the line.  

1. Check the capabilities on their website 

As you’re browsing, check out a plumber’s website and see if they list the solution you need. For example, if they explicitly state they have the specialist equipment and experience for drain clearing, you can be pretty confident they can help you out with a blockage. 

2. Enquire about experience with similar issues   

Once you find a company you think could be suitable, get in touch and find out about their experience. Don’t be afraid to enquire about past jobs and how they went about fixing similar problems. 

Also, ask about the credentials and experiences of their helpers and subcontractors. This helps remove the risk of the person repairing the work not having the skills needed to fix your plumbing problem. Their experience may not align with what you need to be done to your plumbing assets. 

3. Be cautious of quoting  

A good plumber will generally want to see your plumbing problem before giving you an estimate on the cost. They will also account for the price of parts within this estimate. If someone guarantees you a price over the phone, they likely lack the reliability you need. 

4. Read reviews   

Do your homework and see what people say online. If their rating is bad, steer clear. 

Ask us about our experience 

At Allen Plumbing, we are equipped to deal with all manner of jobs thanks to staff with dedicated skillsets in plumbing, gasfitting and drainage, as well as high-quality specialist equipment. We want to help people avoid paying more than they have to, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask us for details on how we can assist you.